Vault RIM Submissions Archive is designed to import, archive, and view published submissions that were submitted to Health Authorities. Regulatory users can easily import submissions into Vault, where those submissions are accessible by any user, anywhere across the globe. An integrated eCTD Viewer allows for quick review of content in each application and its submissions, as well as providing information on what other applications’ or submissions’ content was used. RIM Submissions Archive utilizes many of the features native to Vault, including search, correspondence management, and reporting, to facilitate traversal across vast stores of historic submissions.

Submissions Archive is part of the Vault RIM family of applications. Within a single Vault, your organization can have one, two, or all of these applications. These applications share a common data model, but each provides additional pieces of functionality to help manage Health Authority applications.

Submissions Archive Features

Vault RIM Submissions Archive is built on the Vault platform and therefore has the features that are described in other Vault Help topics. In addition, RIM Submissions Archive provides capabilities specific to archiving and viewing documents and data that are part of previously published submissions:

Purpose-Built Import Functionality
Vault RIM Submissions Archive provides customers with a powerful solution to import and manage submitted dossiers and data. This content can be in either non-eCTD or eCTD format. Users working on a Windows computer can also import submission content from the Vault File Manager client.
This feature exports a dossier for each submission and allows users to select specific components within the structure. Because the export maintains the same folder structure used during import, this functionality helps users leverage exported submissions or components for other regions. Vault also provides a bulk export feature.
Integrated eCTD Submission Viewer
Vault RIM Submissions Archive provides an integrated, cloud-based eCTD submission viewer so our customers can simplify the volume of tools required on the regulatory desktop.
PDF Link Navigation
When users import submissions, PDF hypertext links within those documents will be navigable from within Vault. No need for having these documents on a file share. No need for Adobe Acrobat.
Dashboards & Reports
In any regulatory environment, it’s critical to know what content exists and how it has been used in one or more markets, globally. Vault RIM Submissions Archive’s time-based reporting tool provides this data through pre-configured reports. One such report shows an application’s chronology across submissions, correspondences, commitments, and regulatory objectives. Additionally, users and Admins can quickly create, copy, and share their own reports and visual dashboards.