Quite frequently, your organization may need to update the Application Folder Name of a given application. For example, to align your Vault with updated FDA naming guidances, or for data migrations. When the application is related to a previously-imported submission, the Application update must also be propagated to the Submission Metadata records of the imported submissions to maintain data integrity.

About Leaf Source File Path Correction

The Leaf source file path correction Admin setting provides a way to automatically and safely apply the updates after the Application Folder Name has been updated, as it is only available in Configuration Mode.

Vault may detect exceptions to the correction operation, and skip updating certain applications, submissions, and leafs.

Application Exceptions

Vault does not perform the correction operation when:

  • The Application record has an invalid Dossier Format field, where the referenced Controlled Vocabulary record is missing the application folder name token in its Parameter field.
  • At least one submission within the application meets any of the criteria listed in Submission Exceptions.

Submission Exceptions

Vault does not perform the correction operation on Submissions where:

  • The Submissions Archive Status is any status other than the accepted Import Succeeded and Import Successful statuses for imported submissions.
  • The Dossier Status is any status other than the below accepted statuses for published submissions:
    • Publishing Inactive
    • Merge In Progress
    • Transmission In Queue
    • Transmission In Progress
    • Transmission Successful
    • Transmission Failed

Leaf Exceptions

Vault does not update leafs referenced across applications.

Additionally, Vault does not update leafs when there is a duplicate folder name within the source file path, for example {application__v.folder_name__v}/{submission__v.xml_submission_id__v}/{application__v.folder_name__v}/{submission__v.xml_submission_id__v}

How to Correct Leaf Source File Paths

  1. Review the Dossier Format field within each of the Application records you plan to correct. For each Controlled Vocabulary record referenced as the Dossier Format, ensure the Parameter field includes a token for the application folder name, for example {application__v.folder_name__v}/{submission__v.xml_submission_id__v}. Vault uses these fields to determine which records to update during the operation.
  2. Enable Configuration Mode in your Vault.
  3. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Application Settings.
  4. Under Submissions Archive, select Leaf source file path correction, then select up to 12 Applications to update during the operation.
  5. Click Save.

Vault begins processing your request. When complete, Vault:

  • Sends you an email and notification with a CSV file detailing the results.
  • Resumes the SubmissionImportFastQueue and SubmissionImportQueue it paused during the operation.
  • Clears the Leaf source file path correction checkbox and selected Applications so that you can repeat the operation, if needed.

Once you’ve completed all leaf source corrections, disable Configuration Mode.