When you create a Table of Contents (TOC) document, you can add specific tokens that Vault retrieves from the template document and resolves based on the content plan hierarchy and matched document for each Content Plan Item record within the same section or a descendant section of the TOC Content Plan Item record.

Supported Tokens

Vault supports the following tokens for TOC documents:

  • tocname: This allows you to add any field that exists on both the Content Plan and Content Plan Item objects, for example, ${tocname:title__c}
  • toctarget: This includes any field that exists on the Content Plan Item object, for example, ${toctarget:edl_item__v.file_name__c}

Vault converts each listing in the TOC to a Microsoft Word web link that navigates to the target location. Both tokens support lowercase and uppercase format. If needed, you can download the Unmodified Source file for a version that retains the unresolved TOC tokens.

About the Bookmark Parameter

The tocname token supports the bookmark parameter, which allows you to retrieve bookmarks from the matched document. For example, to return a list of all bookmarks, you can specify ${tocname:name__v;bookmark(text=)}. When Vault renders the token, the TOC lists all bookmarks regardless of the bookmark type (Figures, Tables, TOC, etc.).

To return a list of tables from a document, you can specify ${tocname:name__v;bookmark(text=Table)}. The token rendering process searches matched documents and returns a list of bookmarks that begin with the text Table. When Vault renders the token, the TOC lists bookmarks for tables only.

Token Details

When adding tokens, keep the following in mind:

  • Tokens must be added in the .DOCX template document.
  • Both tokens must be used together.
  • Tokens must be in a table with two columns and one row. Each token must be in a separate cell within the same row. A header row is ok to include.
  • The template document must only include one pair of tokens.
  • The template document can include Microsoft Word Styles.

Example Template Files

You can download these example template files to see how to use TOC tokens: