Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) messages are structured XML files that detail product data in service of various Health Authority data standardization initiatives.

When you generate regulatory data in your Vault, the accompanying FHIR messages are mapped to the objects and fields Vault uses to store source and output data. As this complex XML data is not easily human-readable, Vault RIM provides various viewers to aid in the review process.

Viewing IDMP & eAF FHIR Messages

When you input and export proposed data using the eAF portal, the related FHIR XML messages are added to the PDF export as attachments. When configured by an Admin, you can upload the attachments to your Vault’s Library and view the complex XML in the IDMP Viewer.

To view FHIR messages in the IDMP Viewer:

  1. Navigate to the Library and upload the FHIR message document. Depending on your Vault’s configuration, documents of this type may be filed under the IDMP > eAF FHIR Output document subtype.
  2. If required, set the FHIR Message Version document field, then move the document to the steady state according to your Vault’s configuration for this document type.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Generate Data Viewer File or Open Data Viewer. If you see only Generate Data Viewer File, select this option and wait for Vault to generate the view and make the Open in Data Viewer action available. Both actions are only available for documents in the steady state.

Vault opens the IDMP Viewer and displays the selected message in read-only format.

Vault displays your selected FHIR message in read-only format in the IDMP Viewer. You cannot edit any information on this screen, and Vault does not alter any IDMP Viewer files.

Within the viewer:

  • The Summary panel provides high-level document metadata where configured, such as the related Regulatory Objective. The panel also includes a link back to the FHIR message document. Click the pop-out icon to view them in a mini-browser window.
  • The Filters panel allows you to view which Medicinal Products are related to the FHIR message.

Viewing UDI FHIR Messages

When you generate UDI data, Vault includes FHIR messages in the resulting XML files.

You can view the complex XML in the UDI Submission Viewer, when configured by an Admin.