Vault File Manager for Windows™️ provides an efficient way for users to import a submission folder or ZIP file to a Submission record in Vault. An Admin must configure Vault File Manager and enable this feature before users can start importing submissions.

Configuring Vault File Manager

Before you can enable submission imports from Vault File Manager, your Vault must be set up to use the Vault File Manager client. See Configuring Vault File Manager for detailed instructions.

Enabling Submission Import from Vault File Manager

Once your Vault is configured to use the Vault File Manager client, you will need to enable submission imports with File Manager and perform additional configurations:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Application Settings page and set the Enable Submission Import from File Manager checkbox.
  2. Add the Application Folder Name field to all Application object types for which users will import submission files from Vault File Manager. We recommend configuring an object field default to populate this field with the Application record’s name automatically. If this field is not configured on the Application object types or is not populated on the Application record, submission folder imports will fail.
  3. Add the Upload Package ID field to all Submission object types.
  4. Ensure the Cancel Upload object action is available for all Submission object types. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Objects > Submission > Object Types and click Actions to add this action to Submission object types.

Granting User Permissions

Users need several permissions to upload submissions from Vault File Manager and perform actions within the client. Add the following permissions to any relevant security profiles:

  • Application: RIM Submissions Archive: Import from File Manager. This permission allows users to import submission files from Vault File Manager. Note that users also need the Submissions Archive: Import permission to import from Vault File Manager, but they do not need the Application: File Staging: Access permission.
  • Objects: Submission: Object Action Permissions: Cancel Upload: View, Execute. This permission allows users to cancel submission file uploads directly from Vault File Manager.