This article discusses how to copy a content plan section or item in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer to reuse existing content and prevent duplicate work. For example, you may want to copy a clinical study or quality section and its matched documents for a similar submission to a different application.

You copy by dragging a section or item from a source content plan and dropping it into the desired location in the target content plan. When you copy a content plan section, Vault includes the source Content Plan or Content Plan Item records and join records. You can also choose to copy matched documents and preserve version locking.

How to Copy Content Plan Sections & Items

To copy a content plan section or item:

  1. In one browser window, open the source content plan in the viewer. In a second browser window, open the target content plan in the viewer. You must use two separate windows in the same browser.
  2. In the source content plan, click and drag a Content Plan or Content Plan Item row using the small triangle in the upper left corner of the Name cell.
  3. Drag the section to the desired location in the target content plan’s hierarchy. Vault shows a solid orange line between existing sections to indicate the location for the copied section. If you don’t see an orange line, you can’t copy into this location. See details about copy limitations below.
  4. Vault displays the Copy Into Content Plan dialog. This dialog includes information about both the source section and the target section, including each section’s Application, Submission, or Report Level Content Plan record.
  5. Use the Copy matched documents checkbox to include or exclude matched documents from the source content plan and preserve their version locking. This checkbox is selected by default. If you don’t copy matched documents, Vault only copies the section structure and join records.
  6. Under Copy to Target as, choose whether to copy this section as a Child or Sibling of the selected section in the target content plan. Vault chooses an option by default based on the record or section you copied and the location you chose in the target content plan. In some cases, you may be able to choose a different option.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. If Vault displays the Warning dialog, review the reason for the warnings thoroughly and click OK. If you still want to complete the copy, click Continue again. If not, click Cancel. Note that copying a section into an incorrect location could cause errors with your content plan in the future.
  9. If Vault displays the Error dialog, you cannot complete the copy. See details about common errors below.

When the source record is a Content Plan Item, Vault processes the copy immediately and displays a banner to inform you if the copy completed successfully or if the copy failed. The copied record will be available in the viewer upon completion, and you can expand it to see copied matched documents, if included.

When the source record is a Content Plan, Vault performs the copy asynchronously. If the copy completes successfully, Vault sends you a notification containing the number of successes and failures for each copied component, any warnings, and a link to download a CSV file if there was at least one success or failure. If the copy fails, Vault sends you a notification containing the details about why the copy failed.

Copy Limitations

You can’t drag and drop to copy a content plan section or item when:

  • You are dropping the content plan section or item above the content plan root
  • You are dropping the content plan section or item between two matched document rows
  • The parent section is inactive
  • The section is inactive in the source content plan
  • Any filter except View as Root is applied
  • The source section is within the same root content plan as the target section

If you copy a repeating section of a Submission Content Plan into a Global Content Plan, associated Submission relationships will not be copied to the Event. This will also result in incomplete dispatch, as the repeating section will not be included in the Global Content Plan dispatch to the target submissions.

Copy Errors

Vault cannot copy the content plan section or item when:

  • The source and target content plans have different content plan types, for example Clinical Study and Nonclinical Study report types
  • The source record no longer exists
  • The copy includes more than 10,000 records
  • Your security profile doesn’t include permissions to let you create new records
  • One of the following asynchronous jobs is already in progress for either the source content plan or the target content plan: Split Content Plan Item, Content Plan Hierarchy State Change, Copy into Content Plan, or Update Content Plan

How Vault Copies Content Plan Sections

When copying content plan section, Vault:

  • Copies child records as inactive if they are inactive in the source section
  • Ignores any content plan template constraints defined by your Admin and disregards creation filtering based on matching Region, Lead Market, or Ad Promo scope
  • Creates active child records in the starting lifecycle state
  • Populates Application, Submission, and Report Level Content Plan-related fields on Content Plan records
  • Copies metadata from the source record and populates the Copied From field on new Content Plan records
  • Copies up to 1,000 matched documents per Content Plan Item (when the Copy matched documents checkbox is selected in the dialog); if more than 1,000 documents are matched to a Content Plan Item, we recommend using the Split Content Plan Item action before copying the section to ensure that Vault copies all matched documents correctly.
  • (Submission content plans only) Copies the following Submission join records that are referenced on the source Content Plan records and populates fields: Submission Active Substance, Submission Clinical Study, Submission Country, Submission Inactive Ingredient, Submission Indication, Submission Language, Submission Nonclinical Study, Submission Pharmaceutical Form, Submission Pharmaceutical Product
  • (Report level content plans only) Copies the following Report Level Content Plan join records and populates fields: Report Level Plan Clinical Study, Report Level Plan Nonclinical Study, Report Level Plan Product Family

If a matching join record already exists, Vault references that record rather than creating a new one.