Vault provides several one-click reports specifically for RIM Registrations Vaults. Users can bulk create activities, regulatory objectives, and submissions from any of these reports.

In addition to standard Impact Assessment Reports, Vault offers a configurable option that allows you to set up more comprehensive reports with customer-defined filters. These configurable reports can return all impacted registrations for any scope of a change. See Setting Up Configurable Impact Assessment Reports for detailed instructions.

Updating Object Page Layouts

Although the feature is automatically enabled, users can’t use it unless you modify the page layout for the Event object. Add the following sections to the layout:

  • Related Object: Event Packaging
  • Related Object: Event Drug Product
  • Related Object: Event Active Substance
  • Related Object: Event Inactive Ingredient
  • Related Object: Event Indication
  • Related Object: Event Clinical Study

Your Vault must also include a lifecycle for the Registrations object. If your Vault doesn’t already have this, you must create a lifecycle and associate it to the Registrations object.