Progress Icon is a formula field on the Content Plan Item object that displays an icon representing the record’s current status. By default, Vault includes a standard Progress Icon formula to display the record’s Active or Inactive status, but Admins can configure a custom formula if desired.

Configuring the Progress Icon Field

To display custom Progress Icons in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer, you must set the Progress Icon field to Active and assign it to all Content Plan Item object types.

Use Case: Completeness

You can modify the default Progress Icon formula to include other fields. For example, you could use the EDL document count fields to calculate and display different icons based on the matched document counts on the Content Plan Item record. Different icons could represent when the current matched document count exceeds the expected matched document count, when the expected matched document reaches Steady state, when the matched document is still in progress, when there is no matched document, or when the auto-matching job has not yet run.

The Progress Icon field formula expression in this case would be:

if(picklistEquals(status__v, Picklist.default_status__v.inactive__v), icon("ban", "#666666", "Inactive record"), if(all_doc_count__v > expected_steady_state_count__v, icon("exclamation-triangle", "#ffa500", "Expected matched document exceeded"), if(numberEquals(all_doc_count__v, expected_steady_state_count__v) && numberEquals(expected_steady_state_count__v, steady_state_doc_count__v), icon("harvey-ball-100", "#00B200", "Matched document in steady state"), if(numberEquals(all_doc_count__v, expected_steady_state_count__v) && steady_state_doc_count__v < expected_steady_state_count__v, icon("harvey-ball-50", "#FFA500", "Matched document in progress"), if(numberEquals(all_doc_count__v, 0), icon("harvey-ball-0", "#000000", "No matched documents"), icon("circle-o", "#FA2819", "Auto-matching did not run"))))))