The Union Product Database (UPD) is the single source of product information for animal health products in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

Your organization can use the objects and fields described in this article to collect veterinary product data in your Vault.

UPD Configuration Overview

To set up UPD data collection in your Vault:

  1. Configure the necessary object and object type page layouts.
  2. Set necessary shared document fields to Active and associate them with any UPD-related document types.

Object Page Layouts

The UPD data model object page layout configuration workbook details the object page layout configurations available to align your Vault to the UPD data model:

  • The Related Object Sections tab details the source object page layouts requiring related output object sections.
  • The Object Types tab details the object types for which you’ll need to create object page layouts. An inventory of the object type fields is available in this tab for reference.
  • The Object Fields tab details which fields you can add to or remove from the indicated object’s page layout, as well as whether an object contains source or output data, as this may determine your organization’s configuration requirements.

In all tabs, you can also:

  • Consult the Additional Instructions column for configuration considerations, which can include information about the fields Vault automatically adds to object page layouts.
  • Filter the Release column to determine when a given component was added or last updated.

Shared Document Fields

Set the following shared document fields to Active and associate them with any UPD-related document types:

  • Document Reference Status
  • Master File Code
  • UPD ID