During submissions publishing and report level content plan publishing, Vault validates the content plan as well as the published content and creates Submission Validation Result records. Vault creates one record for each validation criterion performed against each content plan item in the content plan.

Viewing Validation Results

You can view validation results from the Submission Validation Results section on the Content Plan Item record details page.

On each Submission Validation Result record, Vault updates the Validation Result Status field with a status: Pass, Fail, or Not Executed. Vault also populates the Open Validation Results field on each Content Plan Item record with the total number of validation failures.

You can select Download Validation Results from the Submission Validation Result record’s Actions menu to download a CSV file containing all validation results for that content plan item. To see additional details about validation failures, open a Submission Validation Result record and scroll to the Detailed Publishing Results section.

Validation Result Details for Report Level Content Plans

Vault deletes values in existing Submission Validation Result records and creates new ones each time the Content Plan is published. Each Submission Validation Result record also contains a description of the error and the corrective steps required to resolve the error based on validation rules. See Report Level Content Plan Validation Criteria for a list of validation rules.

Validation Result Details for Submission Content Plans

Vault updates the Validation Result Status and Open Validation Results fields each time validation occurs. If you turn off Enable Continuous Publishing and then enable it again, Vault deletes and recreates all Submission Validation Results records. This allows you to update the validation conditions for a submission.

Submission Validation Results Archiving

Using the Validation Results Archival job, Vault can archive all Submission Validation Results records into a single XML file. You can then reference validation results without cluttering your Vault with unnecessary object records.

Job Frequency

The Validation Results Archival job runs daily, but only executes in the following circumstances:

  • When the Actual Submission Date on the Submission record is more than 365 days in the past and at least one Submission Validation Result related to the submission exists
  • When the Last Published Date on the Report Level Content Plan record is more than 365 days in the past and at least one related Submission Validation Result record exists, the Validation Results Archival job automatically

Job Details

When the Validation Results Archival job executes, Vault automatically:

  • Generates the XML and adds it to a single archive package ZIP file along with the XSL stylesheet and all relevant CSV files from associated Content Plan Item records
  • Adds the archive package to the Submission record or Report Level Content Plan as an attachment
  • Deletes the archived Submission Validation Result records

The job archives all validation results possible and doesn’t delete Submission Validation Results records until they are archived successfully. Note that Vault only archives validation results for Content Plan Items that are in an Active status.

XML Details

The XML includes the following data for each validation result:

XML Field Source Object Source Field
Name Content Plan Item name__v
# of Validation Results Content Plan Item open_validation_results__v
Section Content Plan name__v
Validation Criteria Submission Validation Result publishing_validation_criteria__v
Occurrences Submission Validation Result occurrences__v
Severity Submission Validation Result severity__v
Problem Submission Validation Result problem__v
Description Submission Validation Result description__v
Corrective Action Submission Validation Result corrective_action__v
Validation Result Status Submission Validation Result validation_result_status__v