Your organization may define country-to-country dependencies to support planned changes in your Vault. Country dependencies allow Vault to create Activity Dependency records automatically each time an Activity record is created. This ensures that users working at the country level are aware of dependencies for each country.

How Vault Creates Activity Dependencies

When your Admin has configured country dependencies, Vault creates Activity Dependency records automatically each time an Activity record is created. The Activity Dependency records that Vault creates depend on the Event type, the Product type, and other fields determined by your Admin. When an Activity record for a reference country is submitted or reaches approval, Vault notifies users that they can proceed with implementing the required changes in their market.

For example, if you need to submit a manufacturing change to Australia, Vault may create an Activity Dependency record that informs you that you can only submit this change after the change is approved in the EU.

Viewing Activity Dependencies

To see an Activity record’s related dependencies, navigate to the object record detail page and expand the Activity Dependency related object section. Click a record’s name to open it. The following fields include details about each dependency:

  • Reference Event: The parent Event record.
  • Reference Activity: The parent Activity record.
  • Reference Country: The lead or parent country for this dependency.
  • Dependency Rule: Whether this dependency is optional or mandatory.
  • Dependency Comments: Additional information about the dependency’s rules.
  • Dependency Action: Whether the dependent country must wait to take action until the Reference Country submits changes or gets approval.
  • Dependent Event: The event related to the dependent activity.
  • Dependent Activity: The dependent activity.
  • Dependent Country: The country in which the dependent activity should occur.