When continuous publishing is enabled, Vault automatically updates the status indicator icon (or harvey ball) in the Publishing Status field to inform you if there are outstanding publishing or validation jobs. You can see publishing progress for the whole content plan as well as for each component. This ensures that you only review and submit content after it has been published and validated.

Viewing Publishing Progress

The Publishing Status field displays different information depending on the object record where you view it:

  • Submission: Shows the status for all items for the related content plan
  • Report Level Content Plan: Shows the status for all items for the related content plan
  • Content Plan: Shows the status for all items for the current content plan and all direct child content plan items of that content plan
  • Content Plan Item: Shows the status for all items for the specific content plan item

Publishing Status

Vault updates the Publishing Status field based on the status of current publishing and validation activities in your Vault. Vault tracks initial publishing, continuous publishing, on-demand validation, on-demand publishing and validation, Submission Administrative Information updates, grouped submission syncing, and report level content plan publishing.

Icon Status
A publishing or validation job failed.
In-progress publishing and validation jobs exist, and there are no failures.
All publishing jobs are completed with no failures.

Working with Publishing Status

You can work with the Publishing Status field in several ways:

  • Hover over the progress indicator to see counts of in-progress, pending, and failed publishing and validation jobs for the content plan or item you’re currently viewing.
  • Click the Download icon in the hovercard to download a CSV file containing details about publishing and validation jobs for the content plan or item you’re currently viewing, including additional information on publishing progress and any errors. Vault sends you a notification when the download is complete. See also Troubleshooting with the Publishing Status CSV.
  • Click Refresh next to the Publishing Status field to reload the status indicator and see current job counts without needing to refresh the page.

Troubleshooting with the Publishing Status CSV

The Publishing Progress Indicator CSV file download includes the below information for troubleshooting publishing issues. We recommend carefully reviewing the file data against your Vault records, and providing the file to Veeva Support with troubleshooting assistance requests.

  • Job ID identifies initial and on-demand publishing jobs. This field provides traceability to any rescheduled jobs according to the Detail column, and is blank for continuous publishing jobs.
  • Group ID is a Veeva-internal column used for troubleshooting.
  • Created By identifies the ID of the user whose actions in Vault initiated the job. When Vault initiates the job, the ID is 1.
  • Relevant ID corresponds to the ID field on the object record identified in the Detail column as the possible source of errors.
  • The Detail column describes the various errors Vault encounters during initial and on-demand publishing. In this context, an “invalid configuration” can refer to the current state of your Vault’s records, as opposed to the current state of your Vault’s object configuration completed by an Admin.

Troubleshooting Example

A publishing status CSV includes the following:

Job Name Relevant ID Created By Detail
On demand publish 0RM0000007KB131 8476025 Rescheduled, original Job Id 1220638.
Invalid Submission configuration:
The dossier format import parameter
is empty or null,
Please verify configuration.

To diagnose the error, an Admin reviews the Submission record with ID 0RM0000007KB131. This record’s Dossier Format is eCTD, with the Parameter defined as {application__v.folder_name__v}/{submission__v.xml_submission_id__v}:

eCTD Dossier Format

As the error indicates an Application record field is empty, the Admin reviews the Application record referenced on the Submission and finds that, according to the audit trail, the Application Folder Name field was cleared by the user (8476025) about an hour before triggering the job in question.