Admins can configure a document workflow to send matched documents for review and approval directly from the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer in RIM Submissions Vaults. This article discusses best practices for configuring document workflows for matched documents. See Configuring Document Workflows for detailed configuration instructions.

Workflow Configuration Best Practices

When configuring a document workflow for matched documents, we recommend configuring an Any Lifecycle workflow. The sections below highlight when to use Any Lifecycle and when to use a Specific Lifecycle.

Any Lifecycle Workflows

You should consider configuring an Any Lifecycle workflow:

  • When the matched document’s Steady state version is locked to a content plan item and you want to include that document version in the workflow instead of the latest document version
  • When the matched documents have different lifecycles, for example, when Labeling documents and Safety documents are sent for review together
  • If some matched documents don’t require a verdict; for example, Module 3 documents require review and approval, but Supporting Literature references are already in an Approved state
  • When you don’t want an Action document workflow step to perform state change on specific states; for example, at the start of the workflow, you want to change the state from Draft to In Review, but not from Approved to In Review

In Any Lifecycle workflows, Action steps cannot update custom fields or fields specific to a lifecycle.

Specific Lifecycle Workflows

You should consider configuring a Specific Lifecycle workflow:

  • When none of the situations described above apply to your matched documents
  • When you want to have a Single Verdict that applies to all matched documents
  • When you want to update custom document fields