With registration verification, you and other designated users can review and confirm changes to Registration records and registered details before committing the changes to your vault. Registration verification may occur after you run the Manage Registered Details wizard or when you edit registrations and registered details directly.

An Admin must configure registration verification before you can use it, and verification may only be applicable when registrations or registered details records are in specific lifecycle states.

About Registration Verification

When registration verification is configured, Vault creates temporary Unverified Registration Data records rather than immediately updating registrations and registered details. Users must complete individual workflow tasks for each impacted registration to accept or reject proposed changes. Vault may automatically assign workflow tasks to users in specific roles, or the user editing registrations and registered details may choose who will receive the workflow tasks.

When a user accepts a change, a Vault job updates the registrations and creates or updates registered details based on the proposed updates on the object record detail page or the data from the Manage Registered Details wizard. The Vault job then deletes the temporary Unverified Registration Data record. When a user rejects a change, Vault simply deletes the temporary Unverified Registration Data record.

Starting Verification from Manage Registered Details

When configured, Vault starts the registration verification workflow automatically after users complete the Manage Registered Details wizard.

Starting Verification from Registrations & Registered Details

When configured, Vault includes an Edit & Verify button in addition to the standard Edit button on the object record detail page for registrations and registered details. When you attempt to edit an object record that is in a lifecycle state configured for registration verification, Vault prompts you to use the Edit & Verify option instead.

How to Edit & Verify

When you click Edit & Verify, Vault opens the Update Registration Fields page. On this page, you can:

  • Edit field values for the current record
  • Select a new lifecycle state for the current record
  • In the related object sections, click a record’s name to open the registered detail and edit field values in a dialog

After you finish making changes, click the Save and Verify button to start verification. Depending on your Vault’s configuration, you may need to select the users or groups who receive verification tasks, or Vault may send verification tasks to users and groups automatically based on your Admin’s configuration.

If you select a new lifecycle state in which Vault does not enforce verification, Vault commits the changes automatically and does not start the verification workflow.

Completing Verification

Vault sends the appropriate users verification tasks and notifications based upon Admin configuration:

  • If the verification workflow is configured for multiple records, you will receive one (1) task for each grouping of 100 impacted registrations or registered detail records.
  • If the verification workflow is configured for single records, you will receive one (1) task for each impacted registration or registered detail record.

The user who started the Manage Registered Details wizard or edited the record directly is the workflow owner. Vault may not send email notifications, as there may be many impacted records.

To complete the verification review:

  1. Navigate to the My Tasks panel on the Home tab. You may need to accept tasks from the Available Tasks panel.
  2. Select Complete from the list of tasks or click the link to navigate to the impacted record. Your Admin may have configured the workflow so that clicking Complete navigates you to the impacted record directly.
  3. Review each record in the Unverified Registration Data section. In this section, you can see the original values and proposed values for each record.
  4. Click the Complete button at the top of the screen.
  5. In the dialog, follow the instructions to complete the task and click Complete.
  6. Return to the Home tab and complete these steps for all assigned tasks.

Verification Errors

In some cases, Vault can’t start the verification workflow. When this occurs, Vault creates the temporary Unverified Registration Data records, but a user needs to start the workflow manually after an Admin updates the configuration. The CSV file that Vault sends to the workflow owner includes a warning that the workflow couldn’t start automatically. Vault can’t start the workflow automatically when:

  • There is not an active workflow or the workflow is not configured correctly
  • There are no users in one of the defined verification roles
  • A user action to start the Registration Data Verification workflow is not configured on a specific Registration object lifecycle state

If a proposed update would fail validation, Vault does not create a temporary Unverified Registration Data record. Vault includes an explanation of the error in the CSV file.

Your security profile must include the Read permission on the Unverified Registration Data object’s Unverified Data object type. This permission allows you to complete review tasks as part of the registration verification workflow.