You can start a document workflow directly from the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer to send matched documents for review and approval. When you start the workflow, Vault includes up to 100 documents matched to active Content Plan Item records in your current, filtered grid view. See Using the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer for general information about working in the Content Plan Hierarchy Viewer.

Selecting Documents

There are several ways to narrow your view to send the appropriate matched documents on a workflow:

  • Applying filters: The matched documents Vault includes in the workflow depend on your content plan filters. When you filter on the Content Plan Item object, Vault includes the matched documents under all listed content plan items. You can also filter on only matched documents. You cannot start a document workflow when you filter on the Content Plan object or apply a filter in the Content Plan object field group.
  • Viewing as root: You can select the View as Root action to send only the matched documents within that content plan section on a workflow.

How to Start a Workflow

After applying filters, select Start Document Workflow from the main grid Actions menu. You’ll only see this option if an active document workflow is configured in your vault and there is at least one content plan item loaded in the viewer.

In the workflow start dialog, Vault only includes workflows that are valid for all matched documents in your current view. After you start the workflow, matched documents appear in the document viewer according to the content plan hierarchy. See Using Document Workflows for detailed instructions and workflow limitations.

About Matched Documents & Version Locking

If there is more than one document matched to a content plan item, Vault includes all matched documents when you start the workflow. If the same document is matched to multiple content plan items, Vault only includes the document in the workflow envelope once.

The document version Vault sends on the workflow depends on the matched document version locking. If a document version is locked to a content plan item, Vault includes that version in the workflow. If a specific document version is not locked to a content plan item, Vault includes the latest document version in the workflow.

About Excluded Documents

Vault excludes matched documents from the workflow envelope in these cases:

  • If you have manually excluded any auto-matched documents
  • If the document is matched to an Inactive content plan item
  • If the documents are matched to content plan items that are not loaded in the viewer because your current content plan view contains more than 2,000 records; in this case, apply more filters to narrow your view

Note that Vault includes documents matched to Inactive content plan items if you apply a filter in the Matched Document column group while the Show Inactive option is enabled.