Chronology queries allow you to view Application object records chronologically in a single report, giving critical business insights on complex data extracted from your Vault.

Your Vault may include an Application Chronology multi-pass report that connects submissions, regulatory objectives, commitments, and correspondence documents to an application, all ordered by a date. This allows you to see everything that has occurred for an application organized in chronological order. See Application Chronology Reports for details.

Running Chronology Queries

Running a Chronology Report query returns a list of Submission records related to the Application record where you triggered the action. It also returns all Commitment records associated with the application, and all documents with the Correspondence document type that are related to the application. Vault orders the results chronologically from newest to oldest, based on Submission Date, Correspondence Date, and then Commitment Due Date.

This is an asynchronous process, meaning Vault queues and performs your request in the background. This allows you to move on and complete other tasks while Vault runs the query and prepares a CSV file for you to download. Vault notifies you via Home > Notifications when the query results are available. You can download the CSV file from this notification.

How to Execute the Chronology Query

To execute this query, navigate to an Application record and choose Chronology Report from the Actions menu.

Example Chronology Query Results

The query returns a CSV similar to this:

Example Chronology Query Results