When working with Jordan regulatory submissions, Submissions Publishing allows you to generate JO eCTD DTD 1.1 compliant XMLs for submission to the Jordan Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Vault can validate these submissions in accordance with the JO FDA 1.1 Validation Criteria Version.

About Node Extensions & Study Tagging Files

In certain situations, the Jordan eCTD specification supports both node extensions and Study Tagging Files (STFs) in the same submission. If your submission contains both node extensions and STFs, they must exist in separate content plan sections.

Copying a Content Plan for JO Submissions

When copying a content plan from another submission, Vault removes all country-specific data with the exception of the STF Content Plan Item record to support other regions that accept STFs. In order for the publishing process to work correctly for copied submissions, you must set the Continuous Publishing and Continuous Validation fields to Yes on all Content Plan Items.

Viewing & Managing Submission Administrative Information

Vault supports viewing Submission Administrative Information for JO 1.0 and 1.1 DTDs. Vault supports managing Submission Administrative Information for JO 1.1 DTDs. See Managing Submission Administrative Information for details.

Submission Administrative Information Manage Submission Information How it is Populated
Application Reference Number JDWS Application Number (application) Populated from the xml_application_number__v on the application__v
Number Application Reference Number (number) Entered on Submissions Administrative Information and carried forward